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When Andy Camp opened the doors to his dream – a down-home seafood restaurant for ‘real’ people on Virginia Avenue on the Southside of Atlanta in 1979 – the old airport terminal was in eyesight and the population of Atlanta was 2 million. Thirty Three years later, the old terminal has long since been demolished and replaced with the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, and the population of Atlanta has grown to over 4 million. The one consistency SPONDIVITS legendary seafood. Located on the Southside of Atlanta, an area not known for restaurant longevity or as a destination for Atlanta diners, SPONDIVITS draws a regular and loyal crowd. It takes great food as well as atmosphere to keep the throngs happy and coming back for more. Casual, real, relaxing, people want to stay here and come back,” Owner Andy Camp says of his loyal following. The wait lines outside, sometimes until 2 a.m., attest to the popularity. It’s not unusual for there to be three deep at the bar at 3 a.m. Airport hotel shuttle buses load and unload world travelers all night. Ask any hotel concierge around Hartsfield-Jackson to recommend he best atmosphere for dining near the airport and SPONDIVITS is usually the first word from their mouth.

The kitchen, almost the size of a thimble, is remarkably efficient in turning out the freshest of oysters, fish, shrimp, gumbos and chowders. The steaks, 100% Certified Angus Beef, are served to specification. The man with the tall chef cap is no novice. Chef Glenn Gagne is a sixth generation chef and the overseer of Spondivits for 20 years. SPONDIVITS is not about attitude, just the best food you will find anywhere. The atmosphere? You can meet people from all over the world or your next door neighbor,” says Chef Gagne.



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6 Responses to “About Us”

  • Thank you Spondivits and Cyria for an excellent night of food and drinks!

  • Thank you so much for the input! An Atlanta tradition such as this strives daily to make themselves the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I visited you guys for the first time in August and I have not stop thinking about how good the food was. I cant wait for my birthday December 7th because you guys are on my wish list.

  • We look forward to seeing you!

  • We don’t do reservations. However how many are in your party? If you arrive by 6:15, your wait is minimal. The wait is much greater after 8pm?

  • Not sure if you saw a review that said to make reservations but we do not take reservations. If you arrive by 6pm you should have minimal wait on awesome food. See you at Spondivits.

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