What Spondivits Customers are Saying….

On January 18, 2013

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Jimmy Hunt:

My name is Jimmy Hunt. I am the director of sales for a manufacturing company in Norcross. About 18 months ago, I developed and built a one of its kind training facility for our industry. The facility has taken on a life of its own and has spawned a profit center for our organization called SPP Pumps University. The word has spread throughout the industry both here and abroad. Since its inception, SPP University has hosted over 250 “students”. The 2 day class we introduced is an all-inclusive experience that includes, hotels, meals, transportation, entertainment and all the appropriate codes and documentation to make this a unique experience for anyone who attends.

I am a salesman by trade and with that comes a spirit of entertainment, loyalty and service. When I moved to Atlanta in 2003, Spondivits quickly became my favorite restaurant. While they were open, I frequented both the Buckhead and Alpharetta stores. When creating the “Atlanta” experience for our incoming students, I insisted that we put Spondivits at the top of the list of restaurants in which to dine. In surveying our students at the end of the course, every one without fail indicated Spondivits was a highlight. In some cases, not just dining, but overall. I don’t know what that says about me and my teaching skills, but it says a lot about you, your staff and quality of service and food.

We order shark platters without fail at every occasion. The sheer size and quality warrants at least a dozen pictures per group. Not only is it a sight to see, the unparalleled quality takes people by storm. The service we receive from you and your staff is second to none. Our mutual loyalty has evolved into that of a text message the day of an event and no, matter the time or the party size, you do everything in your power to accommodate us. Yours is a restaurant with limited seating capacity as you know and the fact that you are so willing to accommodate us has solidified our loyalty for years to come.

On one specific occasion November 13th 2012, I sent you a message in the morning indicating our arrival time of 6:30pm and our party size of 19. As the day progressed and flights landing early etc.., we showed up at 5:30. We had 19 people show up an hour early. That is tough for any restaurant let alone a smaller, very popular one. When we arrived, Darnell and his team went so far as to remove a dining party in the middle of their meal to accommodate a very hungry, motley crew. I was blown away at this level of service and commitment to my business. Naturally, I paid for the small family’s meal as a thank you for their inconvenience. $75 was a small price to pay to satisfy this “thirsty” bunch. The meal went off without a hitch and we were back at the hotel before 8pm.

I want to personally thank you, Darnell, Chef Gagne, and the rest of your outstanding staff for making Spondivits the single best part of our customers experience during their short stay in our great city.
You have my business and everyone else who will listen for as long as we are both in Atlanta.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Jimmy Hunt
Director of Sales
SPP Pumps Inc

Paul Rogers:
Not only are you one of the best restaurants on the face of the Earth, but you have some of the best T-shirts too. Unfortunately I have literally worn mine down to the threads. I need a new Spondivits shirt, but I am in Ann Arbor, MI and I do not know when I am going to be able to get back down to Atlanta. You guys need to put a store on the website so we have the ability to buy clothing online from anywhere in the world.

Debbie Keegan:
Dined with you and 3 of my best friends on Sunday afternoon and had the best time. Great food, wine (a little pricey) and just an all around fabulous time. It was my first time and I will be back. Our waitress was the bomb – Amariee. Beautiful, attentive and fun. The perfect afternoon. Hope we weren’t too rowdy.
Thanks so much

Barry King (pilot)

Used to chow at Spondivits EVERY TIME I had a ATL layover. I’m a retired Airline Captain and I proudly wore your T shirts all around SoCal for YEARS !! I don’t get to ATL anymore, but I sure brag about your grub to whoever I know who is going down Atlanta way. Your restaurant came up in conversation last week with some old buddies while we reminisced about old times and I was SHOCKED that everyone there had been to Spondivits. I remembered all the memories of taking my crews there for late lunches and dinners when we were in town, damn good memories. Glad to see you’re still doing great.

Best, Barry King, Captain (ret’d)